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Grace Ajo

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Unleash Twitter Assault on Drake


Kanye West has engaged in a Twitter war against fellow rapper Drake after receiving what he considered a threatening call from the rapper. The bad blood between these two has been well publicized, as Drake has dropped bars on several tracks dissing Kanye, but things seemed to escalate after Kanye West received a request to clear a Drake song which he produced. Kanye posted the message he received on social media, along with disparaging words for Drake. In a shocking revelation, Kanye later tweeted that shortly after mocking the clearance request, he received a call from Drake in which Drake made threats toward his life!

Kanye’s twitter fingers caught fire and he released a series of apparently ongoing tweets which among other things express his concern for the wellbeing of his family after the said threats and accuse Drake picking on Kanye as a perceived “weak target” due to his mental illnesses. Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian chimed in as always in staunch defense of her husband, throwing a bit of shade at Drake herself.

Is this Twitter warfare indicative of something more ominous on the horizon? You’ll have to check out the video above for the full story!

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