Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

Lil Mo Shades Queen Naija’s Singning | Queen Responds


In a lengthy, since-deleted, half-sincere, half-shady Instagram post, R&B veteran Lil Mo criticized rising R&B star Queen Naija’s showing at the BET Soul Cypher during the Soul Train Awards 2018. In so many words, she characterized Queen’s singing as mediocre and generic and encouraged her to study ‘vocal bibles’ in order to reach her fullest potential as an artist. Her statements, though biting, seemed fine until she continued implying that YouTube and social media singers can’t sing in the real-world, that Queen has only become what she has in R&B due to her popularity, and that she was only included in the cypher because her team booked for it.

These words struck a nerve with Queen, who responded with the following string of tweets:

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