Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

Cardi B Goes Off on ‘The Barbz’ and ‘The Shade Room’ Editor Kyle


Cardi B had more than a few words for Nicki Minaj’s fanbase, aka. The Barbz. Cardi took to Instagram Live to express her frustration with the fanbase after they posted her new single “Money” on multiple platforms. “Money” was set to be released on Thursday but it was accidentally leaked by one of Cardi’s music handlers. Nicki’s fans re-posted the song, which irked Cardi.

Cardi also went off on a guy named Kyle, who is a lead editor of the popular social media blog, The Shade Room. She accused him of being a Nicki Minaj fan who doesn’t like her, and chastised The Shade Room for selectively posting negative articles about her instead of articles which profile her achievements. Check out the video above for all of the deets.

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