Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

Did Dancehall Star Spice Bleach Her Skin?!


Jamaican dancehall artist and Love & Hip Hop ATL star, stunned social media when she posted a picture of herself on Instagram with a much lighter complexion. This led many to question why she would do such a thing, and others to question whether this was all part of a big plan for her next Love & Hip Hop storyline. Spice however put all speculations to rest when she explained that this was indeed a stunt, but a stunt for a different reason than most would guess. Spice revealed that she put on light makeup to make a demonstration for her upcoming single “Black Hypocrisy,” a song which touches on the topic of colorism within the black community.

Empressive Take:

I think we are all glad to know that Spice did not actually decide to bleach her skin. The message that she would be sending to so many dark-skinned girls would just be terrible. It is also good to know that her music will take a slight detour from her traditional talking points to discussing a topic of great relevance. I am curious to see how her message comes across.

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