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Grace Ajo

Nicki Minaj is Taking Shots at Cardi B in Her Latest Feature….Allegedly


Nicki Minaj is not letting go of her grudge against Cardi B. Ever since the two clashed at NYFW, they have both disdained each other. Recently, Nicki was featured on Future & Juice Wrld’s mixtape on the song “Transformer,” and it seems very clear to most fans that Nicki is dropping some digs at Cardi B.

In the song, she raps:

Four albums in, pull a milli for a show/

while these b—-s is servin’ Milli Vanilli on the low

It seems very obvious here that Nicki Minaj is comparing Cardi B’s penchant for using ghostwriters, to Milli Vanilli’s lip-syncing and use of stand-in singers.

Nicki goes further to rap:

I’m still the bad guy, I am a Decepticon

I’m stopping bags and I don’t need a red octagon

This line appears to be a reference to Cardi B’s accusation that Nicki Minaj made efforts to “stop her bags” behind the scenes.


Empressive Take:

The Nicki Minaj and Cardi B beef appears to be still just beginning. This Nicki’s digs at Cardi on ‘Transformer’ serve as a clever chess move. Cardi B has to choose whether or not to take the bait, and whether or not to take things off wax again. This should be interesting.

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