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Grace Ajo

Are Ella Mai and Jacquees Beefing Over ‘Trip’ Quemix?


For the past 2 weeks, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding R&B singer, Ella Mai’s song “Trip.” “Trip” was a follow up single to Ella Mai’s big platinum-selling hit “Boo’d Up.” Rising male R&B singer, Jacquees, covered and remixed the song for one of his now-famous series of records he calls the Quemix. Upon releasing his version of ‘Trip’ on Spotify and YouTube, the song became so popular amongst fans that radio stations in certain regions began spinning his version of the record instead of Ella Mai’s.

DJ Mustard, the producer and head of the 10 Summers label imprint to which Ella Mai is signed, sent a cease and desist to Jacquees’ team and had his version of the song taken down from all streaming platforms. DJ Mustard clarified that this was his doing and not Ella Mai’s, but there still seems to be some tension between Ella and Jacquees.

Jacquees took to Instagram yesterday and revealed that Ella Mai had blocked him on the social media platform. It looks like there is some bad blood between the two camps.

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