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Grace Ajo

Cardi B Unremorseful After Woman Sues Her For Mocking Dead Son


Cardi B took to her Instagram Live to talk to her fans before she hit the stage for her performance at Saturday’s Global Citizen Festival. In her stream, she revealed her frustrations about being sued by a woman named Claritza, who believes that Cardi B defamed her character after a spat between the two took place over social media. In 2014, Cardi B was goaded into a war of insults on Twitter with Claritza. Cardi B eventually insulted the woman’s dead son, calling him a “monkey,” and claimed that the woman’s usage of drugs was the reason for the boy’s death. The latter was the reason for the woman’s lawsuit of defamation against Cardi B.

On her Instagram Live, Cardi B mocked the lawsuit, claiming that the woman insulted her first, that her niece was the object of one of the woman’s insults, and that she is only being sued now, 4 years later, because of her newfound wealth.


Empressive Take:

Cardi B must grow up and take responsibility for her actions. She simply can’t say vile and evil things about people and their dead loved ones and be unremorseful. Now, she was insulted by the woman first, but that is never a reason to stoop so low, and it says a lot about Cardi’s character that she is still playing the victim in this all. I wish her success, but she needs to grow up.

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