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Grace Ajo

Nicki Minaj Inserts Herself Into Kash Doll and Asian Doll Drama


Nicki Minaj is currently in a broiling feud with Cardi B, but she seems to be getting involved in another whirlwind of female hip-hop drama. Rappers Kash Doll and Asian Doll, have been in a heated social media feud over the origin of the alias “Doll.” Kash Doll, claiming to be the originator of the title, has been perturbed over the influx of popular female rappers who have donned the name.

After Kash Doll and Asian Doll got involved in a heated social media spat, Nicki Minaj extended an invitation for the two ladies to be guests on the next episode of her popular Beats 1 Queen Radio show. Kash Doll declined the offer, giving the explanation that she isn’t willing to tolerate any verbal disrespect from Asian Doll. It now appears that Asian Doll will be calling in to the Queen Radio show solo.


Empressive Take:

This all is interesting. Is Nicki Minaj genuinely extending an olive branch to these two in hopes of ushering in reconciliation, or is she taking advantage of this beef to further bolster her already popular radio show? I guess we’ll soon find out. It should be interesting to see the tone in which she talks to the young Asian Doll, and what her approach will be.

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