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Grace Ajo

Fake “Ex-Roomate” of Cardi B Exposed as a Liar


A woman by the name of Starmarie Jones made a run through the urban media blogosphere, smearing the name of Cardi B while posing as one of Cardi’s former friends. The woman made claims about how poorly Cardi B treated her and other women close to her, described Cardi B’s addiction to drugs like cocaine and molly, and even went as low as to say that she was infected with herpes.

Many blogs picked up this story very quickly, because of Starmarie’s descriptive claims which seemed to fall in line with the various allegations made by Nicki Minaj about Cardi B during her Queen Radio expose’. But we were all duped. The woman has been exposed as somewhat of a nutcase and a master deceiver. In a since-deleted Instagram post made in April of this year from her now private Instagram account, Starmarie had the following things to say about Cardi B:

I’m not hater, but how the f*** this lame a** b**** cardi b got a record deal yo? A b**** like me bust a** every day and I ain’t got sh** fr! Cardi straight wack yo! She’s a b****. If you knew her she would be stuck up. I wish I knew her so I could show her what a rapper really about fr fr no bullsh**. I would ghostwrite for her if the price was right. That b**** just came up because she Spanish, if that b**** was black she would have to suck mad d***s to get to the top that fast.

This post was brought to the attention of fans by a very clever Instagram snooper and Cardi B fan who just had to get to the bottom of this situation and get to the bottom of it, they did. In it, Starmarie Jones admits to never even knowing Cardi B and expresses her disdain for her. It was very curious to see Cardi B stay so silent with these heinous lies levied against her, but she may have been guided in the direction of wisdom not to stoop this low to even give this woman any more power than the blogs, including this one, had previously given her.


Empressive Take

There are far too many people like Starmarie Jones out here. They lie convincingly and manipulate the media with false stories about celebrities, some for clout, and others out of deep-seated internal issues within themselves. Starmarie seems to fit this description to a tee, and its time we second-guess the stories of these kinds of people before tarnishing the names others. At the same time, I think this can be a lesson for Cardi B to do better. There was truth to a lot of Nicki Minaj’s expose’ and because of this we were all much quicker to believe the allegations made by Starmarie.

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