Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

Cardi B Makes It Clear, “My Career Is Not Over”


Lately, Cardi B has not been riding the high that has carried her through her budding career. The effects of her two physical altercations, one with two strippers and another with the second hottest female rapper on the planet, Nicki Minaj, have begun to tarnish her reputation. Nicki Minaj has been a key contributor to this end, as she unearthed a series of damning tweets and interactions of Cardi B on her Queen Radio show.

Cardi has remained relatively silent, choosing not to respond directly to the allegations made by Nicki, and it has seemed that many of her celebrity contemporaries have taken the side of Nicki Minaj. Many have even wondered whether or not Nicki’s Queen Radio airing signaled the beginning of the end for Cardi B’s career.

Well, Cardi B had a few words to say about this on her Instagram Live. She broadcasted her live stream to an audience of 100,000 viewers, and remarked sarcastically:

“…and people are still out here talking about my career is over”

It is apparent that Cardi’s fanbase has not left her and she declares that she has more surprises coming for her fans in the near future.

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