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Grace Ajo

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj BRAWL at NYFW Harper’s Bazaar Event


The beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj has just escalated to proportions unseen. A brawl broke out between the two female rappers as they entered each other’s vicinity at a Harper’s Bazaar event during New York Fashion Week. The rumor is that as Cardi B was walking by Nicki Minaj and crew, Nicki stepped on the train of her dress. As Cardi B approached her with words of displeasure, it is alleged that Nicki Minaj began making negative comments about Cardi B’s baby and/or her fitness as a mother.

Cardi B went ballistic at these words, and quickly removed her shoe and hurled it at Nicki – landing it square on target, according to bystanders. At this point, Nick Minaj’s friend and bodyguard Rah Ali commenced to engaging in fisticuffs with Cardi B, leaving her with a large knot over her eye. When security got to the scene, Cardi B was corraled and escorted out of the venue:


Empressive Take:

What a bad look for all parties involved! But, it especially looks and reflects badly for Cardi B. This was a high-end, VIP only, fashion event, and Cardi let her frustrations get the best of her. In light of the news of her recent nightclub brawl, it is entirely possible that such events hold second thoughts about hosting her. I understand her frustrations, but a little bit of composure and wisdom would’ve helped her to find the right place and time to give Nicki her comeuppance.

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