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Ex-Ariana Grande Beau, Rapper Mac Miller Dead at 26 Due to Drug Overdose


Terribly sad news has broken today. Rapper and producer Mac Miller has died at the age of 26, due to complications from an apparent drug overdosage. It is unclear what substance Mac Miller had taken, but his life has been prematurely ended and fans and friends of his are grieving worldwide.

Notable rap industry friends have made statements mourning Mac Miller’s passing:

J Cole

Chance The Rapper

Wiz Khalifa


Now there is a group of people who are blaming the downward spiral and eventual death of Mac Miller on his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande. The premise is that her leaving him for her new fiance Pete Davidson has been one of the drivers of his depression. When an intoxicated Mac Miller was involved in a serious single-car accident this May, murmurings about the publicly boo’d up Ariana Grande being responsible became very loud on social media. It pressured her to make a long statement rejecting any responsibility for his drug-fueled behavior and placing the blame squarely on him for not being proactive with his life.

Ariana Grande has yet to make a public statement regarding the passing of Mac Miller, but I can only imagine she is taking this loss as hard as anyone else.


Empressive Take:

RIP Mac Miller 🙁

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