Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

Part One of “The Bobby Brown Story” Completely Shocks Us All!


Part one of “The Bobby Brown Story” premiered on BET and it caused quite a bit of stir throughout social media. The movie showed Bobby’s rise to fame in the 80s and it also showed his messy love life with the multiple women he was involved with. One of the biggest shockers in the film was the revelation of Bobby’s fling with Janet Jackson, which occurred before his relationship with Whitney Houston. The story also documented the rocky, rollercoaster relationship between him and Whitney, including an interesting new take on the way that he discovered her drug addiction.


Empressive Take:

This installment of “The Bobby Brown Story” was a bit of a shocker. Many might ask, how surprised can you be about any news of Bobby’s conquests? But the revelation of his relationship with Janet Jackson came as a complete surprise to me. Is Bobby just speaking his truth, or is he having a bit of a selective memory about some of these events? Hard to tell.

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