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Grace Ajo

Ariana Grande Was Fondled By Bishop Charles Ellis | He Apologizes

Aretha Franklin’s home going service was quite the event, and unfortunately there was a little bit of controversy. After Ariana Grande performed a tribute to the Queen of Soul, Bishop Charles H. Ellis III invited Ariana up to the pulpit. While he joked with her, his hand was touching her in an uncomfortable place. Many viewers observed this and start a hashtag on Twitter called #RespectAriana. Bishop Charles Ellis released a statement to the Associated Press and claimed that he did not intentionally touch in that way. He also apologized to Ariana.


Empressive Take:

Many believe that Bishop Charles Ellis was intentionally fondling Ariana Grande. But I’d like to believe that the pastor respected the sanctuary, the event, and his bishophood enough to not do something like this intentionally. The lesson to be learned here is to respect people boundaries. If you don’t know someone, please get consent before touching them at all.

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