Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

Cardi B Confronts Offset’s Side Chick At a Night Club?!!

Rumors are swirling that last night, Cardi B and her friends got into a scuffle with a bartender by the name of Baddie Gi at a nightclub. Cardi B and Offset were chilling at the club when noise started spreading that Baddie Gi and her sister had a tryst with her husband Offset. Allegedly, Cardi B and her friends got together and pulled up on Baddie Gi, ready for some static. Apparently, the scuffle wasn’t too serious as Baddie Gi took to her Instagram Stories to declare that the women Cardi was with did no damage to her. Cardi’s girls quickly snapped back that it was only because Baddie Gi was hiding! Chile…


Empressive Take:

I’m glad the scuffle wasn’t too serious, but Cardi clearly has a big problem on her hands. It seems as if her husband can’t keep his eyes from wandering. Hopefully this issue won’t continue to keep Cardi distracted.

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