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Kanye Reveals He Was Threatened By Drake? Drake Responds

Earlier today Kanye West visited radio station 107.5 WGCI Chicago, for a morning interview. Here he covered topics that ranged from the Drake and Pusha T beef,  his loyalties to Donald Trump, his mental health, and his comments about slavery.

Regarding his mental health, he broke down during a portion of the interview, when he made the realization that he needs people in his life like his old friend Don C., to help him from going off the deep end mentally. He had to hold back tears while making this admission, and it was a very sobering moment in the conversation, one that really showed that Kanye is still a very genuine person despite some of his ridiculous stances.

He also talked about his slavery comments, apologizing for the way that they came out of his mouth, and the way that they made people feel, particularly with the added effect of him donning the ‘MAGA’ hat. This was a very welcomed gesture and another moment in the interview that would endear his old fans back to him.

When the interview touched on the subject of Drake’s disses and the Drake and Pusha T beef, Kanye wanted it to be known that he had no part to play in their feud, and that their is no love lost with Drake on his end, as he even went on to say that the two must reconcile eventually as they have ‘unfinished business’ to take care over.

One of the interesting revelations that Kanye made while discussing their beef was that Drake sent him purple demon emojis, after getting angry over a ‘beat’. Drake apparently got wind of this and posted the following post on his Instagram page:


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Empressive Take:

This Kanye interview was really helpful for his image, and it always seems when he’s around people who actually care for him, the best of him shines through. Maybe that should be a lesson to him. About Drake…well his pettiness has no bounds, I doubt he lets go of his grudges any time soon.


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