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Grace Ajo

Cardi B Disrespects Coretta Scott King ?


Today a very unflattering, unreleased skit that Cardi B acted in, has resurfaced on the web. TMZ had the footage of the skit which was entitled ‘Real Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement’, wherein female actresses played the roles of various wives of Civil Rights leaders, with each of the ladies throwing shade at one another. In the skit, Cardi B played the role of civil rights activist and wife of Martin Luther King Jr, Coretta Scott King.

Among other things, Cardi B can be seen performing the following lines:

“…Them women might be sleeping with my husband, but he’s marching home to me!”

The sketch was an old one, perhaps pre-“Bodak Yellow”, and it was supposed to be featured in an upcoming hip-hop based sketch comedy show written by comedian and ‘Wild’N Out’ castmember Rip Michaels.

Looks like Cardi definitely has some explaining to do.

Empressive Take

I’m not taking any blame away from Cardi when I say this, but we have to hold the writer, Rip Michaels fully accountable for this mess. Cardi along with the other women on the sketch were complicit as well, but they were looking for a check and an opportunity, the actual disrespectful words were crafted by Rip Michaels. Now that doesn’t take Cardi off the hook. Perhaps she has learned it since then, but if she hasn’t, this will be a big lesson for her to be very careful of the roles and opportunities that she takes. Being a Latina woman, who is not of African-American lineage, this is a really bad look for her.

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