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Grace Ajo

Cardi B Apologizes For Disrespectful Coretta Scott King Skit

Today a very unflattering, unreleased skit that Cardi B acted in, resurfaced on the web called ‘Real Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement’, wherein female actresses played the roles of various wives of Civil Rights leaders, with each of the ladies throwing shade at one another. In the skit, Cardi B played the role of civil rights activist and wife of Martin Luther King Jr, Coretta Scott King, making such statements as:

“…Them women might be sleeping with my husband, but he’s marching home to me!”

The skit was seen as distasteful and disrespectful by many who saw it, and it particularly cast Cardi B in a bad light, being that she is a Latina without African-American lineage.

Cardi B has quickly worked to make amends for her participation in the skit, by reaching out the youngest daughter of Coretta Scott and Mart Luther King Jr, Bernice King. Bernice posted the following message on her twitter:

Empressive Take:

I still feel like Cardi B should have never done this skit, and should have thought twice before making insensitive and derogatory statements about an African American civil-rights icon, but her apology to Bernice King shows that Cardi B’s heart is in the right place. My guess is that she will be more critically scrutinizing the next acting roles that come her way.

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