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Grace Ajo

Family Drama Arises Over Taping of New ‘Braxton Family Values’ Season


It looks like there is even more drama brewing in the Braxton family. This time, the drama centers around a feud between Traci Braxton and the rest of her sisters. This requires some backstory:

During the preliminary taping of the upcoming season of ‘Braxton Family Values,’ all of the sisters walked off set, and went on strike against WE TV,  over unfair wages. Traci Braxton later broke the sister’s stance, by agreeing to commence filming. This was a move that was met with harsh criticism and backlash from her sisters, and messy social jabs were fired back and forth between Tamar and Towanda, and the family of Traci Braxton and her online supporters.

Traci wasn’t the only person to draw the ire of Tamar and Towanda – Phaedra Parks was also a target of their disdain. This is because WE TV announced that they will be including Phaedra as a cast member of the next season of ‘Braxton Family Values’. Tamar took to Instagram Live to share a clip of her and her sister Towanda shading the ‘wannabe Braxton’ Phaedra. She later made another post, calling out the producers of the show for degrading the show into ‘ignorant’ and ‘ratchet’ black television.


Empressive Take:

It seems like Tamar and Towanda may have a valid point here. It does seem shady of ‘WE TV’ to disregard the Braxton sister’s complaints and add in Phaedra Parks without the consent of the family. They probably have a right to be a bit mad at their sister Traci for breaking their agreement to strike, but Traci’s perspective must be heard as well. She was left out of many of the successes of the Braxton family’s musical career due to her early pregnancies, and she doesn’t want to have to miss out on a check that can support her family, simply to fall in line with her sisters.

Both sides need to be heard, and both need to reconcile because this social media battle is looking extremely messy. Here’s to hoping the Braxton’s come together and peace up these issues.

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