Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

Are Saweetie and Quavo Now a Thing?


It’s looking like rapper Saweetie may have found a new boyfriend in rapper, and leader of the Migos, Quavo. In Quavo’s new video for his solo single “Workin Me”, Saweetie stars as his love interest and the niece of his boss. In the video, there are some steamy shots of the two getting rather comfortable in bed together. When asked in a radio interview with HOT 97, whether or not he felt awkward during the intimate scenes, Quavo replied that he felt quite “comfortable” and remarked about how pretty Saweetie was.

Further adding to the speculation that the pair might be an item was the fact that Saweetie showed up at a ‘Drake and the Three Amigos’  tour date and posted footage she snapped of Quavo on the main stage to her social timeline. She also posted a pic of herself rocking a ‘Bad and Boujee’ t-shirt, which is the name of the Migo’s breakout hit. Smells like love is in the air!

Empressive Take

Could this be a thing? I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say, I hope so! Not only do the two look rather good together, but just think about how much of a boost this would be for Saweetie’s career! It seems like everything the label QC touches, and everyone they associate with turns to gold! For Saweetie’s sake, I’m hoping this is real and that it can bring her some good fortune in her career – it wouldn’t hurt Quavo either.

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