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Grace Ajo

Cardi B is Upset With Her New Video!

Today, Cardi B’s label, Atlantic Records, decided to drop the visuals to her new single “Ring” which features R&B artist Kehlani. This song is Cardi’s 5th single from Invasion of Privacy and one that is sure to bring her more success, but Cardi is none too pleased with the way that the video was released – well she didn’t even know that the video was released! She completed the shooting of this video during her pregnancy and wasn’t quite sure when it would come out, but it was the Atlantic’s idea to release it the day of the VMA’s, hopefully banking on Cardi to promote it in front of the viewing audience.

Cardi B did as she usually does, and took to her Instagram Live to humorously voice her displeasure with being blindsided by the video. (See 0:22 in the video above).  She stated that she wishes she was given time to do some promotion of the video on her own social media platforms before it’s release. She also gave us a hilarious Cardi moment when she figured that Russian foreign agents might have had something to do with this fiasco.

Empressive Take

As far as the video goes, I personally think it could have been better and more creatively produced. It is obvious that Cardi was pregnant and working on a tight schedule and the visual does seem rushed in that way. Her not knowing when this video was to be released is kind of a shocker. It sure looks like she and her label are not communicating well. You would think that a cash cow like Cardi would at least get the respect enough to know when her own project will be released. This just shows you how entitled label executives feel to the ownership of their artists work. Keep striving through it all Cardi.


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