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Nicki Minaj Blames Travis Scott and Kylie, Promotional Miscues For Sub-Par ‘Queen’ Sales

It has been revealed that Nicki Minaj’s 4th studio album, Queen will make its first-week debut at #2 on the Billboard charts, bested by the second-week sales for Travis Scott’s AstroWorldQueen is projected to sell185K units (78K being pure sales), and this is a respectable showing, but Nicki Minaj is very unpleased with several parties who she feel have compromised her sales.

The first of her targets was Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, and, believe it or not, their baby Stormi. She took to Twitter to insinuate that Travis Scott’s tour meet-and-greet bundle with Kylie Jenner and Stormi, contributed to unfair sales. She tweeted the following:


And she had more shots to fire. She then took aim directly at the corporate offices of digital streaming giant Spotify, claiming that they nixed a promotional campaign of the Queen album due to her streaming her album 10 minutes before the release on her Queen Radio show on the Apple Music digital streaming platform. She then used Drake’s Scorpion rollout to exemplify the favorable treatment that he received from Spotify in comparison to her’s:

Empressive Take

Firstly, 185k sales is nothing to scoff at. It might be a dissapointment for Nicki, but those are not bad numbers, and they don’t make you look bad. What makes you look bad however is when you go on an album promo run talking about every and anyone except your music, and when you publicly blame an infant for ruining your first week debut. Nicki might have some valid gripes against Spotify, and perhaps she did miss out on some sales from their platform due to lack of advertisement, but you can’t blame everyone for your misfortunes. Sometimes the entire universe is not aligned in your favor, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is conspiring against you. Perhaps she has been too used to everything working in her favor as it were when she was the only hot female rapper.
However we slice it, Nicki’s social media meltdowns have become way too frequent and seem to be indicative of an unstable mental state. She needs some people in her corner to encourage her when she’s upset and let her know when to turn off her Twitter, so she isn’t blowing up at the world.

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