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Grace Ajo

Nicki Minaj Claims Cardi Payed For Success, Cardi Responds

Nicki Minaj is not finished stepping on toes during this ‘Queen’ promo run. During an interview with Tidal, Nicki Minaj was asked about her competition in today’s arena of female hip-hop, and she stated:

…people use the word competition loosely…having a big push from a label does not make you great, and to me doesn’t mean that you’re my competition

This was an obvious jab at Cardi B, Nicki’s #1 competitor. Here Nicki implied that the success of Cardi B cannot be attributed to her greatness but to her label’s pockets. Cardi took umbrage with these statements in an emotional IG Live post she defended herself and her success. (See 5:58 of the video above for her full comments). Among other things, Cardi emphasized the work ethic it took for her to get where she is, and stated simply that money can’t buy the traction and engagement that she has received from her audiences.

Empressive Take:

I have to side with Cardi here. If you want to credit Cardi’s label for her success, then you have to credit Nicki’s label for her success, and I’m sure Nicki doesn’t want to play that game. Cardi has worked her tail off, even in pregnancy, and she has built great relationships along her industry journey due to her personality. For this same reason, fans gravitate towards her and support her. It really seems like Nicki is perpetually waking up on the wrong side of the bed these last few days, and she really ought to chill.

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