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Grace Ajo

Teyana Taylor Exposes Jeremih’s Diva Ways, Drops out of His Tour

Singer/dancer, Teyana Taylor, took to Twitter today to air out her frustrations with tourmate Jeremih. Teyana recently joined Jeremih on the “Later That Night” tour, however, in her Twitter rant, Teyana announced that she was dropping out because she didn’t appreciate the way Jeremih and his team were treating her. According to Teyana, Jeremih’s jealousy caused him and his team to make several efforts to inconvenience her in an attempt to subvert her growing popularity on the tour. Check out some of Teyana’s tweets:

She also took to her Instagram live to reveal that he announced to the crowd that Teyana Taylor was his “opener”:

Jeremih responded with the following subtweet:

Empressive Take:

This all looks like Jeremih is suffering from a severe case of ‘diva disorder’. He’s jealous because he can’t hold a candle to Teyana when it comes to singing and performing, and he can’t accept the basic fact that she is the reason most of the fans are coming to the show. Hopefully, Teyana and her team can boss up and jumpstart a tour of her own; she really deserves it.

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