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Grace Ajo

Nicki Minaj Feuds With DJ Self on Twitter After Radio Interview

Nicki Minaj is not having any disrespect from NY radio disc jockey, DJ Self. This morning, she took to Twitter to blast DJ Self shortly after he made the statement that Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ album was superior to her recently released project ‘Queen.’ Now apparently while she was doing an interview with DJ Self’s Power 105 contemporary, DJ Clue, DJ Self had high praise for Nicki, but when she left he made a declarative announcement of his preference for Cardi B’s record. Nicki responded on Twitter shortly after, with the following statements captured by @CurrentCulture:

Nicki claimed DJ Self was mad because she refused to give him a hug or perform a radio ‘drop’ for him. She also said that DJ Self never supported Cardi B, and in fact claimed that he was spreading rumors about her. In her last tweet, she revealed her plan to completely air out DJ Self on her Beats1 Queen Radio show tomorrow.

Empressive Take:

Nicki is probably right to feel the way she felt. DJ Self was friendly with her to her face, and behind her back, shaded her in an effort to drum up further animosity between Nicki and Cardi. This isn’t the publicity that her album run deserves, and she has the right to speak up about it.

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