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Grace Ajo

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Trade Blows on Twitter

Nicki Minaj is back at it today! She and her former beau Safaree traded some heated blows on Twitter after her interview with Hot 97 NY radio DJ, Funk Master Flex. In the interview, she expressed her disdain for the fact that Safaree once implied that he was a ghostwriter for her. She took the liberty after that to reveal some rather messy details about his history of stealing her credit cards, paying for prostitutes, and opposing her ambitions to pursue a rap career.
This was just the beginning, Twitter shots have gone back and forth with Nicki Minaj revealing some rather unflattering details about his reaction to their breakup, his hairline surgery that she paid for, and his penchant for playing with his man parts in the shower…
Safaree fired back, revealing that he had to be rushed to the hospital after Nicki stabbed him and that he had to tell the police he was attempting suicide to cover for her…child this is a whole mess,  For a breakdown of all of the tweets check out the video above. In her last tweet, Nicki promised to air out even more of Safaree’s baggage on her Beats1 Queen Radio show on tomorrow. More drama to come.

Empressive Take:

I wish Nicki would just stop. She should have cleared her name, and made whatever statements she felt she needed to make, in her album – not on Twitter and not on the radio. This way the focus could stay on her music and not on the controversies that she generates outside of music. That said, I’m will not be missing Queen Radio tomorrow!

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