Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

Amara La Negra Makes Controversial Statement About Women’s Roles

Amara La Negra made an interesting Instagram post recently:

In the photo, she dawns a tight red dress and in her caption, she states the following:

“A man’s house is a reflection of the woman’s he’s with. Food for thought.” ? Being Pretty is Just a Bonus with me.

She implies here that it is a woman’s responsibility to clean a man’s home, and goes further to state that she’s the kind of woman who will clean for a man. As you might expect, this got many people triggered. Many women on Twitter and Instagram saw this as Amara affirming dated and unfair gender norms. Some saw it as a desperate attempt to attract a man – a “pick me” message. Despite the criticism Amara left the post on her IG and appears to be unbothered.

Empressive Take:

A little context is needed to properly dissect her post. She is speaking from the traditional perspective of a Caribbean woman. Gender roles are very strong in the Caribbean – women are supposed to be responsible for the domestic upkeep of their household, and in particular for their men. Is this okay? I think not, and I think most modern Western women will agree, but it is important to understand the root of her perspective before bashing her for it.

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