Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

The Truth Behind Tinashe’s Struggling Music Career

Pop/R&B singer Tinashe had a promising career ahead of her when she entered the music scene, however, she has faced many setbacks. One of which was the postponement of her album “Joyride.” Recently the release of her newest project “Nashe” was halted by her music label. The information was baffling to her and her fans, and they want answers.

Empressive Take:

Tinashe’s struggles are manifold, her management team doesn’t seem to be very strong, her musical direction is too fluid, her sound has a tendency to be a little generic, she has had great difficulties connecting with her target audience, and it seems her label is not fully on board with promoting her anymore. But with all of this said, her talent is undeniable. I’m hoping she can right the ship in this stage of her career.

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