Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

Keke Wyatt’s Husband Is Dating Another Woman

Keke Wyatt’s estranged husband/manager Michael Jamar is reportedly in a new relationship. Keke and Michael have been separated since last year, and their split was a messy one. Keke took to Instagram last year to expose that Michael wanted out of their marriage. In her IG post, she vented about the stress of dealing with an ailing child who was battling cancer, along with a husband who called her ‘toxic’ and an ’emotional wreck’. Well, it looks like Michael has moved on and found another woman, and wouldn’t you know it, another R&B singer. The woman’s name is Paris Bennett. She was a former contestant on American Idol. Bennett took to Instagram yesterday to declare her love for her new M.C.E (Man Crush Everyday), Michael Jamar.

Empressive Take:

My Keke Wyatt fandom aside, there are major problems with Michael Jamar stepping out on his wife. She is the mother of eight of his children, one of which is battling cancer. Now I don’t doubt that Keke may be difficult for him to handle, but for the love of these babies, why divide your time looking for romance? I have an even bigger problem with Ms. Bennett and her shady IG captions, and publicly flaunting her fling with a married father of 8. Has she any respect for Keke at all?

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