Grace Ajo

Grace Ajo

Chrisette Michele’s downfall: Trump’s Curse, Blackballing, Miscarriage, Tina Campbell relation, etc.


Chrisette Michele has faced serious scrutiny for performing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration this year. In attempts to make her own voice heard, she saw it has a great opportunity to reach people who had different perspectives from her. Unfortunately Chrisette underestimated the level of apathy and inefficiency that the incoming president had. Chrisette suffered incredible backlash for agreeing to perform at the inauguration and since then she has had to deal with personal struggles like being blackballed, being dropped from her label, having a mental breakdown, and suffering a miscarriage. Chrisette poured her heart out about her struggles and she reached out to another artist, Tina Campbell (Mary Mary), who is currently facing scrutiny for openly admitting to supporting Donald Trump. Chrisette Michele is still dealing with heavy criticism but she is not afraid to rise above the negativity. Chrisette Michele’s new song “Strong Black Woman” is out.

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